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(I put password for all my oss videos because I don’t want the whole world to excess them. Ask me personally for the password :> )

I have been trying to upload  TEST 2 for the longest time which include splitting the video into 3 parts just so it can fit to the ” You can only upload a maximum of 500 MB” for Basic Vimeo user. But damn, when I finally had each parts to be (abit) less than 500 MB…… I was told by Vimeo that I can only upload a total of 500 MB of videos per week! (ok, maybe i sound a bit confusing here….)

Anyway, for now I have only Part 1 uploaded. This time i found an alternative platform, instead of Chatroulette required me to give my handphone number in order to verify the account to continue chatting. Well, I am not very comfortable in leaking such personal informations online especially on a chatroom website. I thus, introduced by my good friend, found Omegle, a free online chatroom that also functions like Chatroulette.

The whole process was much more fun than the previous one because I actually have friends suggesting to me on what to type next.

It amazed me on what they can actually come up with.


and here’s some interesting replies from the stranger(s):

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it was an interesting one hour session although i was constantly battling the awkwardness of strangers being overly “friendly” to me. Something that i noticed is that the strangers are pretty careful themselves, most of those that talked with me for longer period, do not have their webcam on. Does this also mean that they are afraid to show their identity to a stranger like me? However the annoying thing is all of them only want the other party to show their face first. There’s one who went offline right after I told him he didn’t showed his either!

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The second test left me with questions to whether i did deviate from my initial aim of the project. I asked myself if they are even looking at the words text i typed, did it even affect them? but it seems more like all they care is to get me on my webcam and they just ignored whatever i typed – how i was feeling awkward, how i clearly don’t wish to, etc – but none, except for one,  respected my decision. Well, in the end, with my friends’ help, i came to realise that only by sexualising myself, giving a false idea that I am interested in “showing myself”, then I could get their reaction.

Well, certainly it seems i also became the test object, getting pressurised by their words. And i realise a new element in typing – speed. The speed you type to a person, (which we call it spamming.), actually kinda overwhelms someone in the other space reading your text.

It seems that I did not deviate from my initial aim but just that the whole test led me to a new discovery of how real the virtual world can mean to people. I started to feel that my project is also evoking questions on social problems brought in by the virtual world which is something i did not expect.

So what do i mean by real? The question that kept popping in my mind when I use the chatroom is why did people want to have nude chats? why did they get excited over something shown on the screen itself? Which is suppose to be “untouchable” , “not real” in their space. If they are so excited about nudity showing on their screen, what did the virtual world on chatrooms provides that is different from the porn movies they can find online?

It comes down to one answer is that on the virtual chatroom, you get responses. The person on the other side of the screen is able to respond to you, and right now right then, it seems, you are the only person on this world that can see the “show” the other party is performing. Perhaps strangely on the internet, (where whatever you do on the webcam can be recorded down and expose to the public), people actually felt a sense of personal space in front of the webcam in the “private” chatroom. It gave them a fake idea that exposing themselves in virtual world is private. Just like you would have sex in a close room in the real world, it is similarly private. Moreover, the fact that the other party do not know their true identity also made them felt safe in a way i guess. Or there might be some who just loves exposing themselves to the whole world. And it felt real because you get immediate responses. A pleasure they wish they could find in the actual real world, but they can’t due to social norm, due to identities crisis. The virtual world provides that platform, that freedom.

Special thanks to my friends who have been providing me ideas when I am really lost for words. Having people you know on another virtual world chatting with you really makes you less tense and less afraid. Not to mention on their creativity. hahaha.

I am glad I enjoyed the session this time :)


  1. Profile photo of Randall PackerRandall Packer

    It is extraordinary what you are discovering in the virtual space of Chatroulette. It seems as though it has become a kind of laboratory for dissecting human interaction across the digital divide. Is there intimacy? Indeed there is, otherwise why would anyone care about these interactions and provocations. Your project began as an investigation of language in the virtual space but it appears as though the issues are much larger and more compelling. It will be interesting to see the final assessment and what new discoveries are yet to come. You are clearly a kind of cybernaut exploring the outer edges (and sometimes gritty edges) of the third space.


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