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Seriously most of the time I am just really trying real hard to figure out what to type. I wanted to type motivational words too but it just seems so out of place. But I enjoyed the randomness of this whole 10 mins process.

Interestingly, when I started flaming a lot of people just quickly click “Next” to find a new partner. Well in a way I am happy with what they did cause I guess it’s consider a reaction too. I mean if i type the same thing to someone that knew me, they will probably laugh or play around with me.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.51.22 pm(THE GUY ACTUALLY SMIRKED HAHAHAHA)

In a way people are more willing to stay and chat with me when I am being friendly and nice. (i guess is expected.) And me being me, I am really unwilling to give up my personal information to strangers. I started to feel scared which I had no idea why, and I even give fake name!!

<i>”What’s your name.”
<i>thinking thinking thinking…</i>

Many times I am so tempted to tell the other person that I am a guy, (which i did in one of the chat, but the person just skipped me. haha. are they sexist or what?) but I wanna see how these strangers are actually looking for women online to chat with and “befriend” with, so i decided to tell the truth, until this guy asked for my facebook and this time is me who retreat.

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Is interesting too! because me doing this experiment, I am being influenced by the words the partner typed too. And most of the time I am just nervous and panicky because nothing, just nothing came out from my mind.

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And when i look back, I think, my facial expression is just priceless.

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2 thoughts on “CHATROULETTE TEST 1

  1. Profile photo of Lim Wei SiongLim Wei Siong

    During the Adobe connect session, someone mention that it could help if you had lines prepared beforehand for the flaming; It reminded me of a celebrity voice impersonator who would go online to troll other gamers. For example in this Youtube video, he mimicked Morgan Freeman’s speech mannerisms, and wandered around the zombie survival multiplayer game, DayZ, asking for players to put a bullet through his skull.

    If say, the footage was actual records of online interactions, there is some kind of apprehension to be observed from his victims. There is a mix of their doubt – the buying in to the familiarity of his voice and the bizarro circumstance of having a well known person asking them to kill him. It breaks the gamer’s sense of play in the space, causing some unusual reactions from them.

  2. Diana

    Wow! I would be excited if we hold our OSS classes over chat roulette. Everyone will be forced to give a response other wise it can be virtually awkward. I like how you have documented your response while keeping it private. You have established the point of decision-making; the borderline between private and public. Well done for validating sharing your feelings and valuable introspection here in OSS!


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