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After a few weeks of researching and reading. i finally came up with an idea of how am i going to present my project.

For my purpose is to show how virtual text actually affects us and how much it can be misinterpreted, I decided to chat randomly online with strangers. (which really kinda freaks me out because I feel awkward talking random things to people I never met before)

1) I decided to use Chatroulette as the medium for me to get in contact with strangers. I can’t think of a faster way than that as this website allows me to rotate around different people all around the world!

2) I will disabled the Webcam and Mic function in Chatroulette so that the partners are only able to interpret my intentions through the words I typed.

3) Using Photobooth, placed beside the Chatroulette window, it will capture down my actual expression while I am typing. This will reveal a comparison between reality and virtual – how the tone i use to type actually looks like vs. how I am actually really feeling.

4) Using Quicktime Player I can screen capture the whole process.

5) Perhaps after a few more weeks of recording, I can come out with a conclusion based on these experiments I made.  

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