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ROLE OF VIEWERS – Virtual Texts

I am combining my Role of Viewers with the recent experiments I had done during my recess week for i believe this is what best illustrate the role of my viewers.

As my project is about how Virtual texts affects people. I actually created a fake account (fang Iamdestroyer) on youtube and went around leaving random comments. I think flaming is extremely hard for me because I could take hours just to think of something to type. (Now i finally know that being a hater is not easy. And I wonder why there are so many out there.) The thing is, it is not that I have absolute no negative thoughts about some videos.. is just that I don’t see the point on really attacking it. But haha! i did it anyway and it is kind of entertaining to see the replies.

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Replies.. exactly. The role of the viewer in my project is to react to whatever I type on the virtual world. Is interesting how they interpreted my words. Well, on another level, people who knew me personally will react to my words differently!

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.41.00 PMOne thing that strike me from the previous lecture is that, how casual people are replying to the quotes i put online, which are suppose to hold some sadness, emptiness and seriousness. Perhaps it also shows that public post are meant to be reblogged, retweet, liked, and shared, with random funny comments. but not meant for personal talks and concern. Well, also perhaps, despite how ‘open’ we are in the virtual world, people still prefer private talk for serious stuffs.

I too wanna explore on the use of emoicons soon! 😀 :> :( :'(  how it affects the mood of how the texts are conveyed.

Oh I saw this interesting site introduce by Prakash, which consist of screenshots of post on the virtual world all over the place. Wondering if this can bring some idea to my live performance in the later date!

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3 thoughts on “ROLE OF VIEWERS – Virtual Texts

  1. Profile photo of Ashley LaiAshley Lai

    When I read your introduction about how you were interested in experimenting the relationship between text and human interactions along with your influences for this project, I had no idea which direction you were going to take off with this really intriguing idea. I would have never thought to make an account on Youtube (which is one of the easiest places for people to shame other people’s works publicly behind a screen), and I find your project really really interesting because it’s a concept that not many people have really looked into, but we all can relate because we feel braver when we hide behind a screen. It’s amazing how quickly you are able to get replies back (a post that you made got a response within 30 minutes and another within 15 minutes) and that also shows how much time people spend in the Virtual world. Obviously with a video that is popular and going viral, it’s going to generate both positive and negative comments but it’s just really interesting how your hate comments (out of all the ones that that video must get) was able to get a reply. As a viewer reacting to others reacting to your comments, I find it really humorous but it also makes me stop and think about what is really going on. It’s almost pathetic how people feel the need to defend and share how they feel to complete strangers. The comments section on Youtube was put there for the purpose of writing in opinions, however, it seems as though only positive comments are welcomed and every negative one receives a backlash from upset viewers. I think that the role that you placed on the viewers is really perfect, because while its humorous, it causes us to think and even laugh at ourselves and what is going on with our generation.

  2. Profile photo of Ashley LaiAshley Lai

    I think it’s really cool that the role of the viewer is to react to the reactions of the commentators, and that their reaction is one sided – where whatever they feel, they cannot express it. So if they feel angered by the hate comments, they could technically comment on actual Youtube but technically, they are playing the role of audience members. As for suggestions, maybe think of situations that would provoke emotions out of people – maybe try writing comments on touching videos or videos on war or current events. Also, it would be an interesting next step to not just write hate comments just to see what people would say, but rather write things that would provoke discussion from others! I am so excited to see where you will go with this!! :)

  3. Profile photo of Hoong Wei LongHoong Wei Long

    Interesting experimentation here for sure. Critically, the work places an emphasis on the act of curation, taste and looking, which is interesting because not many projects locate such themes as important areas to explore for artistic merit, or with artistic intentions.

    My off end thoughts of this is that the commenting system is at once valuable and unimportant at the same time. For the purposes of SEO ranking, content that generates a high amount of feedback and comment gets pushed up the search results as being particular important or worthy of highlight. Yet at the same time, these comments thread often dissipate into non-conclusive states. There is no real winner/loser, it’s just a textual interaction that goes back and forth. The idea of value could be an interesting aspect to look at perhaps.



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