When we think about the virtual world we think about avatars, we think about images and videos. What people often forgotten is the font, the types and the words that appears everywhere around in the virtual space. How the status in your Facebook page can evokes certain reactions from people, how words presented visually is translated into our brain like a normal conversation face to face. However the the fact is everyday we are just roleplaying and imagining the whole scenarios out from our mind with just words typed out on our textbox. Sometimes I do feel that the whole chatroom thing is actually a script by itself. Not to also mention that how different fonts actually evokes different feelings.

The whole idea of my project is to actually explores how Words in the virtual world affects our lives. How messages, quotes, advertising literally filled our days that we don’t feel their existence anymore. Yet, we are (sliently) intrigued by words or the opposite, we block them out.

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