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Seriously most of the time I am just really trying real hard to figure out what to type. I wanted to type motivational words too but it just seems so out of place. But I enjoyed the randomness of this whole 10 mins process.

Interestingly, when I started flaming a lot of people just quickly click “Next” to find a new partner. Well in a way I am happy with what they did cause I guess it’s consider a reaction too. I mean if i type the same thing to someone that knew me, they will probably laugh or play around with me.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.51.22 pm(THE GUY ACTUALLY SMIRKED HAHAHAHA)

In a way people are more willing to stay and chat with me when I am being friendly and nice. (i guess is expected.) And me being me, I am really unwilling to give up my personal information to strangers. I started to feel scared which I had no idea why, and I even give fake name!!

<i>”What’s your name.”
<i>thinking thinking thinking…</i>

Many times I am so tempted to tell the other person that I am a guy, (which i did in one of the chat, but the person just skipped me. haha. are they sexist or what?) but I wanna see how these strangers are actually looking for women online to chat with and “befriend” with, so i decided to tell the truth, until this guy asked for my facebook and this time is me who retreat.

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Is interesting too! because me doing this experiment, I am being influenced by the words the partner typed too. And most of the time I am just nervous and panicky because nothing, just nothing came out from my mind.

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And when i look back, I think, my facial expression is just priceless.

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After a few weeks of researching and reading. i finally came up with an idea of how am i going to present my project.

For my purpose is to show how virtual text actually affects us and how much it can be misinterpreted, I decided to chat randomly online with strangers. (which really kinda freaks me out because I feel awkward talking random things to people I never met before)

1) I decided to use Chatroulette as the medium for me to get in contact with strangers. I can’t think of a faster way than that as this website allows me to rotate around different people all around the world!

2) I will disabled the Webcam and Mic function in Chatroulette so that the partners are only able to interpret my intentions through the words I typed.

3) Using Photobooth, placed beside the Chatroulette window, it will capture down my actual expression while I am typing. This will reveal a comparison between reality and virtual – how the tone i use to type actually looks like vs. how I am actually really feeling.

4) Using Quicktime Player I can screen capture the whole process.

5) Perhaps after a few more weeks of recording, I can come out with a conclusion based on these experiments I made.  


Jennifer Ringley – JenniCam

“American college student Jennifer Ringley has taken the cam phenomenon to one of its logical conclusions, installing a camera in her dorm room and linking it to the web. The ‘Jennicam’ updates every three minutes, and is never switched off. Whatever Jenny does, she does in front of a crowd. Her site, which is now hosted on a commercial server, is sophisticated and includes features such as a gallery of past Jennicam grabs, an FAQ, and a ‘spot the curve’ competition in which viewers are shown a scan of a small piece of skin and invited to guess what part of Jenni’s body it comes from. The phenomenon of a young woman quite literally anatomising herself via the web is an extraordinary one, and Jenni’s site has made her one of the web’s first real stars. In June she started charging, an arrangement which further problematises her status.

Occasionally Jenni will perform for her camera, and a market has developed for explicit grabs of her choreographed strip shows. Her site is linked to numerous commercial pornographic sites, which present her as an ‘amateur’ porn star, in the vein of reader’s wives pictures or images in contact magazines. But though Jenni occasionally uses it for sexual purposes, for the most part the cam shows an ordinary young woman’s life in all its drabness. Jenni talks on the phone, washes her hair, goes to sleep for eight hours a night. All this makes her voluntary abdication of privacy (which does not seem to be motivated by any political, or artistic agenda, and only latterly by a financial one) all the more interesting.”

it’s pretty amazing to me that someone can allow others to invade their privacy to this extent. For a person like me who gets paranoid for even having webcam on the table without switching on, I am unable to comprehend her actions. What is the true meaning behind invading privacy? Does it still counts as invading when one actually allow the “invasion”. Is just like the settings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the others social network,, where you allow or disabled or block someone assess to a certain information of yours. .. People feel okay as long as people only get to see what was allowed. So is this even invading privacy? Moreover her, who allows other people to see the most intimate part of her life.

She claim what was shown in the camera was real. But i doubt so. Even when you tried to behave normally, subconsciously knowing the camera is there, knowing somewhere on some parts of Earth there are people observing you, you tend to behave differently.  I can’t imagine the pressure she faced living under camera for 7 Years. Perhaps the initial thought was to experiment a “reality” show where such concept is rare at that era. Or it could be merely be her trying to gain recognition, like what some youtubers did nowadays. But we never know.

I do wonder does she really feels comfortable with it? and what forces her to close her site down in the end?

She even received threatening letters, hackers hacking into her site asking her to show more. In a way i feel that her performance is a real success in reflecting the society, regarding what is deem as pornographic, and how people can actually behave behind the screen.

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ROLE OF VIEWERS – Virtual Texts

I am combining my Role of Viewers with the recent experiments I had done during my recess week for i believe this is what best illustrate the role of my viewers.

As my project is about how Virtual texts affects people. I actually created a fake account (fang Iamdestroyer) on youtube and went around leaving random comments. I think flaming is extremely hard for me because I could take hours just to think of something to type. (Now i finally know that being a hater is not easy. And I wonder why there are so many out there.) The thing is, it is not that I have absolute no negative thoughts about some videos.. is just that I don’t see the point on really attacking it. But haha! i did it anyway and it is kind of entertaining to see the replies.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.35.09 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.35.14 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.40.03 PM
Replies.. exactly. The role of the viewer in my project is to react to whatever I type on the virtual world. Is interesting how they interpreted my words. Well, on another level, people who knew me personally will react to my words differently!

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 4.41.00 PMOne thing that strike me from the previous lecture is that, how casual people are replying to the quotes i put online, which are suppose to hold some sadness, emptiness and seriousness. Perhaps it also shows that public post are meant to be reblogged, retweet, liked, and shared, with random funny comments. but not meant for personal talks and concern. Well, also perhaps, despite how ‘open’ we are in the virtual world, people still prefer private talk for serious stuffs.

I too wanna explore on the use of emoicons soon! 😀 :> :( :'(  how it affects the mood of how the texts are conveyed.

Oh I saw this interesting site introduce by Prakash, which consist of screenshots of post on the virtual world all over the place. Wondering if this can bring some idea to my live performance in the later date!

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