1. Randall Packer

    Micro-project 4: Media Addiction

    Due: Tuesday, February 11 Twitter is often referred to as “micro-blogging,” in which short texts are written in 140 characters or less. This has resulted in a form of writing that is quick, immediate, and spontaneous. In this assignment, we are creating a form of “micro-theater,” in which we will role play via Twitter, assuming a Twitter / avatar-identity through which we will interact with one another through improvised exchanges. Building on the Video Double project, we will assume an identity (use the same one if you like), engaging between our characters through micro-conversation, micro-gesture, micro-action: a form of micro-theater. Yet, unlike traditional theater, our micro-theater will be distributed across the network in the third space, our interaction will be asynchronous, without the need for simultaneity or real-time exchange. The subject matter of our micro-drama will be: “media addiction.” Imagine a world in which we no longer communicate face-to-face, where all exchanges are mediated, where we prefer to be remote participants in our own social lives. (It’s not hard to imagine!) And why? Because we are addicted to media, we prefer to communicate telematically via our devices because it is safer, easier, and perhaps even more inventive. Now, situate yourself in a world of addictive media with other addictive students, using the #ossntu hashtag as a kind of symbol of your collective addiction. (You can ask other friends to join us using the #ossntu hashtag). Don’t force it, you already live (at least partly) in this “addictive” world, so it […]
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