1. Randall Packer

    Engineering Aliveness

    Stelarc_67894_10152282337075955_1814757792_n Students from Media & Performance attended Stelarc's lecture this week, entitled Engineering Aliveness: Interrogating Alternate Anatomies at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, hosted by Steve Dixon President of Lasalle. After the event NTU group corralled Stelarc for a group photo, with Stelarc proudly holding up his enigmatic third ear. Stelarc has been a key subject of inquiry in the class this semester: his exploration of the post-human condition has had a profound impact on our discussion. Check out the Livestream recording of Stelarc's lecture.
  2. Randall Packer

    The Post-Human Condition


    Week 4: February 4 - 10 (Adobe Connect)

    In the context of performance, we will discuss the mediated transformation of the body, the man-machine dialectic, mechanical utopias and dystopias, the cybernetic organism (cyborg), wearable computing, remote sensors, gestural control, brain waves, motion capture, robotics, viewer-performer interactivity, and the use of virtual and physical controllers to engage with and manipulate the artistic work. In the post-human condition we are concerned with the sculptural and performative use of interactive forms that involve the body and its extension into the virtual environment. From the Italian Futurists, Bauhaus, and Dada to present day works, we will explore the relationship between the human body and technology, the dissolution of boundaries between man and machine, and the notion that we are all cyborgs tethered to our mobile devices.
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