1. Randall Packer

    Engineering Aliveness

    Stelarc_67894_10152282337075955_1814757792_n Students from Media & Performance attended Stelarc's lecture this week, entitled Engineering Aliveness: Interrogating Alternate Anatomies at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, hosted by Steve Dixon President of Lasalle. After the event NTU group corralled Stelarc for a group photo, with Stelarc proudly holding up his enigmatic third ear. Stelarc has been a key subject of inquiry in the class this semester: his exploration of the post-human condition has had a profound impact on our discussion. Check out the Livestream recording of Stelarc's lecture.
  2. Randall Packer

    Final Project


    The Internet as a medium for live performance

    How has the Internet as a space for production altered the way you work, conduct research, engage in dialogue, share ideas, and collaborate? How has the idea of studying online in a studio course challenged and transformed your view of media art? And finally, how has communication, social interaction, and dialogue encouraged you to think differently about the artistic process? These are questions to consider in the creation of a final project for Media & Performance. The goal of the final project is to bridge your practice, whether it be film, sound, animation, graphic design, etc., with the Internet as a medium for live performance. Consider a final project that utilizes the concepts, Web tools, production methods and online experience as explored throughout the course. Create your work (even if performed in a physical space) so that it can be viewed and experienced online. In many cases, the outcome of the final project will be prototypical, in other words, a realization of an idea that could be expanded in the future.
  3. Randall Packer

    Course Description


    Media & Performance

    Media & Performance is an online course intended to develop critical and artistic skills for the interpretation and creation of performance art that incorporates electronic media and non-traditional performance techniques. Through readings, lectures, performance projects, and the critique of related work, students are exposed to the aesthetic, historical, social, cultural, and technological issues inherent in the medium of performance. The course explores the emerging paradigms of performance art that engage live media, with an emphasis on the medium of the Internet. There will be a broad historical overview of performance dating back to the 1960s through an intensive study of seminal projects by pioneering artists involved in Happenings, electronic theater, satellite projects, cyber-performance, and other mixed-media forms. The course will include the study and application of real-time audio-visual software and webcasting systems used in the creation and broadcast of live multimedia works. Students will develop projects that engage new media for both physical and virtual spaces. The objective of the course is to investigate critical concepts and fundamental artistic concerns and apply these concepts to the creation of a new performance work. Weekly live seminars will be web-conferenced via Adobe Connect and students will conduct research and document their artistic work online in Wordpress.
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