1. Randall Packer

    Between the Real and the Virtual


    Week 2: January 21 - 27 (Art-B1-14)

    A review of historical theatrical concepts: the suspension of disbelief and the construction of illusion, the fourth wall, Wagner’s gesamtkunstwerk (total artwork), the integration of the arts, immersion, and the blurring of physical and virtual space within the context of theater and performance. A broader discussion of remapping physical and sonic spaces through media, theatrical architectures, and the reconfiguration of the traditional proscenium. A review of the historical use of media in performance, including: Happenings, electronic theater, satellite projects, and installation; leading to new paradigms in contemporary media & performance, with an emphasis on the use of the network. There will be an in depth review of technical requirements of the Wordpress multi-site environment, Adobe Connect webcasting, and specific software applications for micro and final projects. Continued discussion of ideas and possibilities for the final project.
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