1. Randall Packer

    Project Hyperessay


    Overview of the Project Hyperessay

    Using the form of the hyperessay (essay with hypermedia elements) integrate a textual description with relevant graphics, video, sound, and links drawn from micro-projects, readings, discussion and other research to develop the final project. Gather together media and links to related readings and/or artworks that support your project hyperessay. The project hyperessay will be carried out in five sections/posts throughout the course of the semester and displayed as a "category page" using the category "Project Hyperessay" on your site. The project hyperessay will be developed incrementally over the course of the semester. Each section will be created as a unique WordPress post, with each section revised through the course of the semester as your project evolves. The project hyperessay should take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities of Wordpress: with embedded images, video, links, sound, etc.
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