1. Randall Packer

    Final Project


    The Internet as a medium for live performance

    How has the Internet as a space for production altered the way you work, conduct research, engage in dialogue, share ideas, and collaborate? How has the idea of studying online in a studio course challenged and transformed your view of media art? And finally, how has communication, social interaction, and dialogue encouraged you to think differently about the artistic process? These are questions to consider in the creation of a final project for Media & Performance. The goal of the final project is to bridge your practice, whether it be film, sound, animation, graphic design, etc., with the Internet as a medium for live performance. Consider a final project that utilizes the concepts, Web tools, production methods and online experience as explored throughout the course. Create your work (even if performed in a physical space) so that it can be viewed and experienced online. In many cases, the outcome of the final project will be prototypical, in other words, a realization of an idea that could be expanded in the future.
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