Micro-project 1: Video Double

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Due: Tuesday, January 20

Video Double:  Using your smart phone, create an approximately one minute video double of yourself that constructs your “artistic alter ego,” in other words, your video avatar. Choose a location that you find best expresses this constructed sense of identity: studio, campus, apartment, park, café, garden, etc. Do not write a script or edit your piece, although you can shoot more than one take, picking the best one. Be sure you are in the video, though it doesn’t need to be a traditional headshot. You can be walking, standing, working, sitting, or lying down. Consider any ambient noise, background movement, etc. to be part of the composition and the setting. The goal of the project is to spontaneously and improvisationally create a sense of an imaginary double of alter ego of yourself in video form. The project asks the following questions: How can video be used to alter identity? How might video be used to conceal identity? How do the objects that surround you create a mutable identity? You can make up a name for yourself, you can take on a role, you can simply make up a different characterization of who you really are.

When the video introduction is completed, embed it in a blog post on your WordPress site, and give the post a title. Include a short text description (one or two sentences) as a “caption” for the video, that concisely or enigmatically describes who you are (or imagine yourself to be) in the video.

  • Setup a Vimeo account
  • Download the Vimeo app for Android or iTunes on your smart phone and signin to your account
  • Shoot the video from the Camera app and upload to your Vimeo account
  • Give your video a name and description either from the app or on Vimeo
  • Access the video in Vimeo and copy the video URL by clicking on the “Share” button
  • ​Create a new post in WordPress and paste the URL address to the video
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