Livestream Broadcast: February 18th

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I have uploaded the archived broadcast for our first Livestream lecture. I have already found a few “glitches:” as you some of you mentioned, one of the audio channels was not working, creating a slight hum in the system. Thanks to the “magic” of audio processing, I have removed the hum and created a two-channel audio mix. Of course the resolution is still not sharp enough to see the detail, but if you are interested in the techniques I covered in Ableton Live and VDMX, this archival video should refresh your memory. I’ll continue my presentation via Livestream next Tuesday and please let me know if there are any techniques you would like me to cover. And don’t forget to refer to the lecture on Media Transformation (see the end) for an outline of what we covered.


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    Randall Packer

    February 21, 2014

    HD Internet broadcasting means you can teach audio-visual production from your own studio.

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