Group Project Critique

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Week 12: April 8 – 14 (Art-B1-14)

Students will present their work towards the final project for group critique.

  • Tuesday, 4/8: Class meeting (8:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Art-B1-14)
    • Pizza!
    • Be sure to fill out and turn in student teaching evaluations.
    • Next semester: DA9003-Open Source Studio: Internet Art & Culture
    • Final Project page: create a “page,” include in main menu, be sure link has the project title. This will be part of the Final Project assessment. Take a look at Nasir’s page:
    • No class next week, but continue weekly project updates
    • Tuesday, April 8: Everyone will present their final project-in-progress for critique and specific issues that need to be addressed.
    • Research Talk: Friday, April 11th, 12:30 PM. Student respondents.
    • April 15th: All projects completed and ready for performance/presentation. All additional late work must be handed in no later than class on the 15th, because I am turning in grades the next day.
    • Project presentations: Everyone will update on their projects.
  • Final Project Hyperessay Conclusion: synthesizing the elements of your project, how does the project bridge your artistic practice with OSS concepts and ideas? What were some of the key ideas about net-based artistic work that were new to your experience of working with new media? What issues were exposed through your project that allowed you to critically examine them? And finally, how did your project evolve as a result of your research into the Internet as a medium for artistic production? Due: Tuesday, April 15 (10 points)
  • Final Project: This includes the creation of a Project Page (categorize with “Project”) that is added to your Main Menu. The Project Page is intended for sharing your work, with a summary, image(s), optional video, and link to any other sites, social media, etc., that are relevant to your project. Due: Tuesday, April 15 (50 points).
  • Project Updates: optional for the final week, except anyone who is late with a previous update
  • Point Totals: will send point totals and reminders of all late assignments.
  • Late Assignments: due no later than Tuesday, April 15
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