Group Project Critique II

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Week 10: March 25 – March 31 (Adobe Connect)

Students will present their work towards the final project for group critique.

Schedule / Assignments

  • Tuesday, 3/25: Class meeting (8:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Adobe Connect)
    • Be sure to fill out and turn in student teaching evaluations.
    • Next semester: DA9003-Open Source Studio: Internet Art & Culture
    • Don’t forget the featured image! Check on the main OSS page to see if it shows up and is displaying the featured image.
    • Discussion of commenting and dialogue in OSS: we will look at the results of the “Research Dialogue,” the quality of discussion, the usefulness of discourse for research, etc. We will spend a few minutes adding additional comments. Nasir: pre-date Stelarc post for mid-Feb.
    • Final Project page: create a “page,” include in main menu, be sure link has the project title. Take a look at Nasir’s page:
    • No class next week, but continue weekly project updates
    • Weekly Project updates, keep them going, using the “Project” category. Take a look at Min’s page:, including the animated featured image!
    • Monday/Tuesday April 7, 8: schedule individual appointments for in-person discussion/help with final projects
    • Tuesday, April 8: Everyone will present their final project-in-progress for critique and specific issues that need to be addressed.
    • Research Talk: Friday, April 11th, 12:30 PM. Student respondents.
    • April 15th: All projects completed and ready for performance/presentation. All additional late work must be handed in no later than class on the 15th, because I am turning in grades the next day.
    • Project presentations: Ashley, Jing Xiang, Wei Long, Min, Chinfang, Presentations will be given from the Project Hyperessay: Technical Realization post (or other related online materials).
  • No class next week (April 1), work on final projects!
  • Continue with weekly Project updates on your final projects: anything you are working on. Reflect, write, upload! Incorporate images, video, sound, links, etc. Use the “Project” category and appropriate tags. (2 posts totaling 10 points, due: April 8th)
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