Group Project Critique I

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Week 9: March 18 – 24 (Adobe Connect)

Students will present their work towards the final project for group critique.

Schedule / Assignments

  • Tuesday, 3/18: Class meeting (8:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Adobe Connect)
    • Discussion of commenting and dialogue in OSS: this week we will participate in “Research Dialogue,” commenting on the research posts that discussed the topic: Giving up your Data. Be sure you are using the “Research” category for your posts, don’t use the “Research” category for anything else; comment on as many posts as you like, remember to approve posts, and let’s see if we can strike up a lively dialogue!
    • Project presentations: Prakash, En Liang, Diana, Nasir, Wei Siong
  • Project post on your final projects: anything you are working on. Reflect, write, upload! Incorporate images, video, sound, links, etc. Use the “Project” category and appropriate tags. (5 points, due: March 25th)
  • Ashley, Min, Chinfang, Wei Long, Jing Jiang will discuss their final projects next week. Presentations will be given from the Project Hyperessay: Technical Realization post (or other related online materials). due: Tuesday, March 25
  • Assessment Report #4 will be sent out this week, focusing on work related to the final project and other recent assignments.
  • Individual Skype meetings to discuss final projects (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings)
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