Collaborative Learning in the 3rd Space

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Open Source Studio:
Collaborative Learning in the 3rd Space


A Research Talk by Randall Packer, Kristy Kang, and Juan Camilo González
Friday, April 11th, 12:30 pm
ADM Library Cinema Room, Mezzanine

While online learning has captured the attention of educational institutions worldwide, pedagogical techniques for encouraging innovative forms of collaborative learning remain an emerging area of academic investigation. This joint presentation focuses on the Open Source Studio (OSS) project, which over the past two years has been in development at the California Institute of the Arts and ADM. OSS addresses how online education can be implemented in the arts to create a virtual studio environment that encourages transparency and collaboration in online research, writing, and the artistic process. The presentation will explore additional online initiatives including FemTechNet’s Distributed Open Collaborative Course (DOOC), which served as an inspiration for designing a multi-nodal course taught collaboratively this year between faculty in ADM and The New School for Social Research in New York. It is our intent to both summarize the current accomplishments of the OSS project, as well as point to new opportunities for cross-cultural and inter-institutional collaboration via the network.

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