1. Randall Packer

    Collaborative Learning in the 3rd Space


    Open Source Studio: Collaborative Learning in the 3rd Space

    A Research Talk by Randall Packer, Kristy Kang, and Juan Camilo González Friday, April 11th, 12:30 pm ADM Library Cinema Room, Mezzanine
    While online learning has captured the attention of educational institutions worldwide, pedagogical techniques for encouraging innovative forms of collaborative learning remain an emerging area of academic investigation. This joint presentation focuses on the Open Source Studio (OSS) project, which over the past two years has been in development at the California Institute of the Arts and ADM. OSS addresses how online education can be implemented in the arts to create a virtual studio environment that encourages transparency and collaboration in online research, writing, and the artistic process. The presentation will explore additional online initiatives including FemTechNet's Distributed Open Collaborative Course (DOOC), which served as an inspiration for designing a multi-nodal course taught collaboratively this year between faculty in ADM and The New School for Social Research in New York. It is our intent to both summarize the current accomplishments of the OSS project, as well as point to new opportunities for cross-cultural and inter-institutional collaboration via the network. PDF Flyer
  2. Randall Packer

    Livestream Lecture: March 14

    For the third round of Livestream Lectures at 10:00 PM, Friday March 14th, I will be demonstrating temporal integration and synchronization between Ableton Live and VDMX.The broadcast can be accessed on The Post Reality Show / Media & Performance Event page on Livestream. Using MIDI Clock as a method for locking the tempo of both application, it is possible to use several methods for synchronizing time values, measures, beats, etc. Here are some of the key areas I am covering, refer to the video documentation for more detail: Ableton Live Loading a Reaktor plugin (Ultraloop step sequencer) Accessing the Snapshots & Presets Presets that change: Unhappy Chord, Desctrutor, Transformer Party, Datacell, FXS Variator Measures / columns organization Audio I/0 (sending to the Master audio) Track volume Main transport control Tempo control Audio preferences / interface MIDI preferences / sync output to VDMX Resamplng the record the output Setting the global quantize VDMX Setting the clock to external sync / VDMX in Loading clips into the Media Bin Turning off “play” for control over scrubbing (no clip audio) LFO Plugin, creating waveforms, controlling the clock Step Sequencer Plugin, creating tracks, controlling the clock, interpolation, columns/rows Aligning Step sequencer columns to a musical step sequencer such as Ultraloop Assigning a data controller to a specific parameter / movie scrub or scratch Setting the limits of a parameter Capturing images and video with the Movie Recorder Using Syphon to output video Strategies for organizing a remix: determining an approximate duration for the whole […]
  3. Randall Packer

    The New Wave of Teaching

    Media & Performance is featured this week in the Nanyang Chronicle, an excellent article written by Sharanya Pillai. Our very own Ashley Lai was photographed while in class and the photo is on the front page of the online issue. I urge everyone to check out the essay, which not only talks about our class as an example of innovative e-learning, but other classes and initiatives at NTU as well. As I said at the beginning of the semester: Welcome to the Future!
  4. Randall Packer

    Livestream Broadcast: February 18th

    I have uploaded the archived broadcast for our first Livestream lecture. I have already found a few “glitches:” as you some of you mentioned, one of the audio channels was not working, creating a slight hum in the system. Thanks to the “magic” of audio processing, I have removed the hum and created a two-channel audio mix. Of course the resolution is still not sharp enough to see the detail, but if you are interested in the techniques I covered in Ableton Live and VDMX, this archival video should refresh your memory. I’ll continue my presentation via Livestream next Tuesday and please let me know if there are any techniques you would like me to cover. And don’t forget to refer to the lecture on Media Transformation (see the end) for an outline of what we covered.
  5. Randall Packer

    Engineering Aliveness

    Stelarc_67894_10152282337075955_1814757792_n Students from Media & Performance attended Stelarc's lecture this week, entitled Engineering Aliveness: Interrogating Alternate Anatomies at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, hosted by Steve Dixon President of Lasalle. After the event NTU group corralled Stelarc for a group photo, with Stelarc proudly holding up his enigmatic third ear. Stelarc has been a key subject of inquiry in the class this semester: his exploration of the post-human condition has had a profound impact on our discussion. Check out the Livestream recording of Stelarc's lecture.
  6. Randall Packer

    Stelarc is coming to Singapore

    Austrialian media and performance Stelarc is coming to Lasalle School of the Arts in Singapore on Thursday, February 13th at 7PM to give a public lecture as part of a series organized by Lasalle President and media artist / historian Steve Dixon. 140213_PLS_Stelarc From the Lasalle Website: Stelarc is the world’s most celebrated technological performance artist, exploring alternative anatomies using prosthetics, machines and virtual systems. His body has housed a swallowed “Stomach Sculpture”, been suspended in midair by hooks, and been made to dance involuntarily by audiences administering electric shocks via the Internet. Free Admission. Limited seats available. RSVP here.
  7. Randall Packer

    Media & Performance begins @ ADM

    This week we had our first class of Media & Performance introducing course concepts and the Open Source Studio site. This coming Tuesday at 7:30, we will have one more class in person at ADM in Art B1-14, before I go back to Washingon, DC and resume the course remotely from my studio. I look forward to seeing your Video Double micro-projects on Tuesday, when we'll spend time setting up our Wordpress sites and reviewing Adobe Connect. I have also sent invitations this pass week to join our Flickr and Facebook groups, so be sure you followup before class on Tuesday. Also, be sure you review the syllabus for all assignments from Week 1: Introduction to Media & Performance due this coming Tuesday, as well as upcoming lecture material for Week 2: Between the Real and the Virtual.
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