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So it’s nice to finally write a project progress post that doesn’t stray too far away from my ideas that I wrote about the previous week. When we talked about whether it helps us as artists to document the progress of our work in class, I am definitely on the side that agrees that it does. Besides the fact that it helps lay out everything in an organized visual form, it’s been really helpful in steering the direction of my project. I found that I would have many many ideas that didn’t seem to link up, but when I wrote it out, I found that these were all ideas that contributed to the big picture. Also, there were times during this semester where I felt overwhelmed by  the work I had to do for my final project or that I felt behind, but the posts would make me realize that I did have physical work to show, which was reassuring.

As mentioned, I am very happy with where my final project is heading. It’s nice to know the clear steps I need to take for my project (i.e. – film the video, import it into iMovie from Screenflow, watch the whole thing and pick segments, cut the segments, insert a title and ending sequence with music, etc). My next steps would be to continue packaging my videos to make it look more like a web-episode. Each song in the title sequence is different, and is just simply taken from playlists of songs that Josh has sent me. With the title sequence, I had one image that panned from the top to the bottom. However, when I met up with Randall and showed him the sequence, he instantly described the angsty college romance vibe I was going for, but had some suggestions. I now will work on creating a longer but quick pace sequence of a few screenshots and pictures that capture and establish an opening for my piece even before the action takes place.

It was frustrating because I had a Skype conversation where there was more dramatic action that took place, however, it was only when the call was over that I realized that there were technically difficulties and that Screenflow stopped recording 10 minutes in. It’s difficult because we don’t stage our conversation, so I can’t just try to create the same dialogue again – much like theatre, its all captured in one go (If you mess up on stage, you just have to keep going rather than starting over).

Side note: I think it was really interesting how nervous I was to present the video in front of the class because I really feel like I would put anything interesting between Josh and I up on Youtube. For example, even if we were fighting and I was crying, I would still be completely fine (and even feel that it would enhance my project) to put it up. Reading into how uncomfortable I was when we were playing the video, I think it wasn’t because I was embarrassed or not proud of the work I’ve done so far but because it was nerve-racking to see the everyone else’s reactions. It just speaks to how we are more brave behind a screen.

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