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I THINK I MAY HAVE COME UP WITH AN IDEA I’M HAPPY WITH (for the hundredth time!) For a while, I definitely became overly self-critical without even noticing it and I lost track of how the goal of this project is more of a proof of concept rather than a policed piece.

I spent most of the last weekend working on a script for Adam and I to act out. It started to become stressful because it’s exam season back in Canada, and he only had one night where he was free to film it. I even started to think about us changing our outfits to make it seem as we were Skyping on different days. It really worried me that we both had to learn a rough script and film it all within 2 hours. There was something about basically reciting a script that did not come across authentic on Skype, and I also felt bad asking him to help me out during a time where he had a ton of things on his plate. However, I really tried to stick with a script that I created because I thought that this was more closely tied with traditional theatre – and all I really wanted was to use the Internet as a stage. I also felt that if I just posted up Skype conversations of Josh and I that I would not have put enough work into this final project – but now, I think I’m going to refine that idea and go towards that direction.

I started to think of a way to present real-life conversations between two people that would engage strangers, and I instantly thought of this website. It’s kinda fitting because Forty Days of Dating ( was a website that Josh and I were really into reading last semester, and even made a joke once or twice about trying it out ourselves. Basically, its two typographers/graphic designers in New York City who have been friends for a few years and when they found that they were single at the same time,  they figured they would try dating each other for 40 days. Some rules ( included seeing each other at least once everyday, staying exclusive to one another and going on one weekend trip. They would also answer a questionnaire everyday and post it up. Perhaps it was because of the typographic artwork, the overall look of the site or the intriguing idea of people trying to find love in the big city, but this project gained popularity really fast and is even turning into a movie in the near future. Forty Days of Dating also does a good job at engaging its audience members, with a short post once a day that causes its viewers to become hooked.

This lead me to my new idea – that I would just record conversations that Josh and I have, and edit them into short 3 minute segments. If I package the whole thing well, I think that this could be very interesting and it would still be using the Internet as a stage. Taking inspiration from Forty Days, my “premise” would just be presenting our story online – two housemates/friends who realize that they may have feelings for each other and are trying to do long distance while one of them is on exchange. Instead of posting a video a day, I would post it up whenever we Skype with each other (which we try to every few days). Each “episode” would be titled something like Day 74 as if it is a countdown. 

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