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Project Progress PART 3

I feel as though I am slightly behind on my project because I finally settled on an idea that I really liked this past week. I decided to go with creating a 7 part webepisode series to be presented on Youtube once a day, with the last one released the last day of our class. I’m using my friends from back at home to help me with this project. The premise of the series revolves around long distance relationships. I wrote more about what I wanted the episodes to be about in another post, but all I really am aiming for is that there is one big plot twist (and the rest is very flexible). One way to include the audience would be to link this to social media. I would create twitter accounts for the two characters and promote the webepisodes on Facebook (so I can actually see whether it gains popularity). Another way is to create alternate endings, so the audience can choose which one they like (Thanks Nasir!) OR¬†only create the first few episodes and then let the audience give in their input on what they would want to see next.

Adam is one of my best friends from home, and we only were able to try out recording on ScreenFlow once because it has been hard to set up a time with the time difference. After giving him a brief idea of what our “scene” would be like, we decided to improvise it. We did a few takes and it just felt really really unnatural. My next step would be to create more of a concrete script and then try again.
Above is 30 seconds of what we came up with. I have found a way for DEMO MODE to not show up on the screen. Since I’m recording the whole screen, I will find a way to incorporate our chat into the narrative and maybe even other websites I might be on while talking to him (taking inspiration from the Noah video).

This semester, I found myself developing feelings for one of my housemates back at home. This happened after I decided I wanted to explore long distance relationships with this project, but I couldn’t help but take inspiration from it.¬†Below is a video of one of our chats that we had a month ago, when I was still exploring programs of what to use for this project.

I had told him that I would be recording it (hence the beginning), however since we Skyped for an hour, I think we both forgot that it was actually being recorded. I decided to only compile the clips that makes references to communication and long distance relationships, so this video is less of a narrative but it certainly gave me many ideas of what my webepisode could be about. He also agreed to help me out with this project, but I think I want it to be less like JenniCam and more of a staged, rehearsed piece.

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