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Just a Thought

The more I explore into this project, the more of a dead end I feel I am heading towards or rather how different I thought this project was going to be (which is all part of the process!). I just think that with using the Internet as a stage for theatre, I almost have to incorporate accessibility into my project because that to me sets aside the Internet the most from a physical stage. Right now, I am creating an end product of a video to be presented to the class and put up on the Internet to share, and even though the content in the project was live when it was filmed and is centralized on the obstacles associated with accessibility, I’m trying to find a way to incorporate a live element into it.

Some new ideas that have come up in daily life
For St. Patrick’s Day, there was an Earth Cam set up in Dublin, Ireland at the famous Temple Bar ( Even though at the peak of the day,  it was only little green people drinking – I found myself watching it for 20 minutes. With that, I can completely understand the popularity that came with the JenniCam in the late 90s.  It was really interesting that time flew by SO fast when I was watching it and that I found it entertaining.

Also last night, I was running errands and someone at the mall taped a 10 dollar SGD bill onto the ground near the subway stop. I saw 3 people in front of me get excited and try to take the bill, and when they realize that it was taped, they would react differently and it was so entertaining (two laughed, one ran away awkwardly). It gave me the idea of setting up a hidden camera that would livestream and people could sign in and see this. However, I feel as if this follows the idea of Just For Laugh videos a bit too much. It then gave me the idea of doing something that lifts people’s faith in humanity – something that people could watch and feel a bit happier/cheer them up. One idea would be if I taped two signs facing opposite sides that would say “Hug the next stranger you see” and do a live stream of that. This is more of the live performance that I was aiming for at the beginning and strayed from. This weekend, I’m going to continue exploring my narrative on Skype and see if I have time to experiment with this as well….we shall see :)

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