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I began writing a short script as a narrative for a long distance relationship. I was struggling with whether to do a script or leave it up to improvisation, because I didn’t know which one would seem more “authentic”. With the script, it would be more like a rough guideline if anything and it is welcomed/encouraged to drift from it. Besides conversations in real time on the third space, I also thought it would be fitting to do video messages – a feature on Skype where you can record a video and send it to the other person.

Since Skype does not have the option to record conversation, I downloaded a free trial of a call recorder for Skype called Ecamm  ( The main reason why I chose this program is because it cost $29.95 to buy and they emphasize that it would be HD recording, so I wanted to test it out. Once you install it (it literally took 20 seconds), there is an option called Call Recorder under the View bar on Skype and it saves automatically into a folder. It then gives you options to convert for internet, to AAC, AIFF or MP3. It also allows you to SPLIT SIDES OF CONVERSATION, which I find really really cool but I haven’t found a way to really use it yet.
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.38.44 PM

Prakash and Diane also suggested that I could use QuickTime, which is already installed onto my Mac. All you have to do is open QuickTime Player then click Screen Recording under the File tab. QuickTime only does video, and when I first started experimenting, I only recorded audio with Evaer. This free program also has a video recording option, but it would for some reason freeze my Mac whenever I try to use it. I haven’t found the time yet, but I would potentially like to explore recording both on separate programs and trying to put them together and seeing what happens.

Below are two screenshots taken within the same minute between me and Taha Arshad, a friend from Canada who I have asked to help me out with this project. I gave him the freedom to take a screenshot whenever he wanted within 3:57 AM to 3:58 PM. I just thought it would be interesting to see how different/similar our pictures could be and what you could read from our faces in that screenshot without any explanation (perhaps the audience could read into it themselves). It also makes it more natural because I had no idea when he would choose to take the picture. I was using a Mac while he was using a PC, and he told me that my connection was really poor/it took him a long time to get a shot of me that wasn’t blurry.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.59.14 PM



I am now using Screenflow to record my conversations. It records both the incoming and outgoing audio as well as that the whole screen of the conversation (so the written conversation can also be used in the piece).

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