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I started writing a short script as a narrative about long distance relationships and connection frustrations. However, since I regularly Skype people from home, I have found that it happens at least once every time where the connection has failed. So I went to different places around campus to test out the wifi connection, because I think instead of writing in connection failures into my script, it may be more authentic if the actors act out the script and get interrupted whenever by the almost guaranteed fallouts. I found that my dorm room, particularly my bed, gets really bad reception. There is only one spot on my bed that gets connection, and if you move the laptop even slightly, it begins cutting out. The common room of my residence gets decent wifi, but it’s always busy with noise of people walking by. The wifi of South Spine Canteen B is good, but it is a very public place and there are bound to be people behind you.

I started to record calls with some friends who agreed to help me out on this project (Devon Jackson, Joshua Clark) but so far, I’ve only figured out how to record audio. My next step would be to learn how to record video as well.

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  1. Have you tried recording using Quicktime? (I’m assuming you’re using a Mac) Just open up Quicktime X, File and choose new screen recording. That should take care of your video recording woes :)

    Or if you want to just record both audio and video together, then consider trying out some freeware apps like DesktopRecorder or Ephnic Screen Recorder for Mac.

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